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It is complete… and it is glorious!

Bask, bask in the glory!

The metal temporary base has been entirely replaced by this nice furniture cap.  Has some cool style to it with the edges (also helpful for grip when slamming down some power).   The glass is stable and secure on the fixture and the bottom cap pops off for easy battery swaps.  And now, the moment you’ve all waited for:

The Future:

The future holds big things for the PPH.  For one, I plan on making a multitude of color combos, flashers, glasses, etc.  The actual design improvements will come in the form of different resistor values (the 650k and 150k I was hoping for) to allow for a smaller cap which will give me a smaller package overall, thus a sleeker, shallower base.  I’m very happy with the final product but knowing what I know now I’m even more excited for the next one.   Shhh… the fireman comin…